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Top 10 Awesome Luxurious Celebrity Homes

We all have different perspectives on how we want our homes to be. Some of us want it to be neat and elegant, some other want their homes to look modern and compact, while others just want their home to be peaceful and organized. But, there is one particular kind of people, who just love their home to be as big and as grand as they can be. Can you guess who they are? That's right! It's no other than the Hollywood celebrities. With the money they make in a year, their homes can only be referred to as modern day palaces of the notabilities. Extending over the areas which can fit in Airfields and a number of football fields, theses celebrity homes have a complete functioning city in themselves. Filled with the most exotic decorations one could get his hands on, and serviced 24×7, it would be hard to find a person, who wouldn't want to live in such abodes. And with the added factor, that these celebrity homes are almost exclusively placed in some of the most exotic locations, they are the perfect blend of natural beauty and modern architecture. So let's us take a look at the top 10 best celebrity homes, which people would kill for to get their hands on.

10. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Home

This versatile actor earned a reputation for being one of the most naturally gifted thespians of the modern age. Known for his numerous roles, both on and off the silver screen, he also gained a quick reputation of a well-known celebrity, and getting married to Angelina Jolie was just the cherry topping for his icing of a life. So one can easily imagine the abode he resides in. But make no guesses because it's the tenth largest home in the USA and also on our list as well. Designed by the enthusiastic actor himself, the Home boasts a separate courtyard and a guest house standing two stories tall.

9. William Zysblat

William Zysblat Home

The popular music band manager sure knows how to live in style. After his record contracts with the top bands like U2 and rolling stones, he found his own way to stardom with multimillion dollar abode. Estimated to be values over $7 million the house is no mere combination of cement and stones. The house boasts a scenic view of the ocean and has separate heater pools within her walls. Also the design of the house particularly invites interest, as it is an epitome to modernistic architecture. Also the successful music band manager seems to be a fan of sports as the house contains its own tennis and bocce courts.

8. Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk Home

Skateboarding enthusiasts around the world would have definitely heard this name somewhere, even if not, anyone who has ever played video game would have, since this legend's name has almost become synonymous with skateboarding. So it's no wonder his house makes it to our top 10. Now, before you wander off into wild fantasies of his house being built around a skating ring, don't imagine because it is true. This sporting legend has a 4000 square feet skating park complete with center pyramids, skating rings and benches next to his 5000 square feet villa. Imagine how cool it is to have your own skating park?

7. John Travolta

John Travolta Home

This Badass super star seems to have an obsession with flights and airfields; if not god alone knows what made him build a home around airfield. That's right john Travolta is one of those few celebrities who has his own private airfield and a fleet of planes including the Boeing 707. His house spreads across the entire airfield which is a whopping 1.4 miles end to end; consider that for size. But other than that the house sets an example for modernistic architecture and comprises six bedrooms within its walls.

6. Joel Horowitz

Joel Horowitz Home

This co-founder of the Tommy-Hilfiger franchise is a connoisseur in architecture, because his house defines elegance in such a way that, a few others in the entire United States comes close to it to be compared with. The house is a unique blend of renaissance architecture and modern structural mechanics standing tall on the shores of Lake Tahoe in Las Vega (what a place to settle down!). The house features its own Indoor swimming pool, atrium and a 14 seat home theater within its 20,000 square feet territory. Stats apart, it's also one the most expensive houses in the world.

5. Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest Home

Anyone who has ever tuned into American television couldn't have missed this legendary face on their favorite reality shows. Rising from a young age to prominence in American television hosting number of talent shows, this hero of American Reality TV has a quaint taste for luxury too. Located in Hollywood, his house is no simple pile of bricks on the side road. Ryan Seacrest's house spans over an area 10,000 square feet with its own tennis courts, spa, indoor theater and what not. The house has a total of five bedrooms as big as an average house. Now how's that for a living.

4. Jerry Seinfield

Jerry Seinfield Home

One of the first pioneers of the American sitcom, and the biggest names in American television – Jerry Seinfield is a legend in the small screen. Of course he needs a great house to support his legacy as well, and that's why he purchased his current residence from the great Billy Joel for a whopping $32 million. The house as a waterfront fa├žade, over 24 rooms, 8 fully furnished baths and 5 semi furnished ones. The house is nothing short of royalty. The property spreads over an area of 14 acres making it one of the largest homes in the world.

3. Madonna

Madonna Home

Dull, murky, cloudy, lifeless are some of the adjectives you can use to describe England; but what also defines England is its elegance and sense of style. Probably that's why the uncrowned queen of pop took on to England to settle herself down. The Ashcombe villa in England is the residence of this pop legend, who had bought it over from a well renowned photographer in England. While many of her counterparts settled bustling cities and Rock Star life of a celebrity, Madonna has seem to taken the path less traversed. But rest assured this place is a haven for those who wish peace and harmony.

2. George Clooney

George Clooney Home

Nothing describes perfection and sexy like George Clooney; marking his presence with some of the coolest roles in Hollywood such as Batman and Ocean - Clooney sure does carry his class outside the shooting spot as well. If anyone remembers the villa in Ocean's twelve movie, it would be easier to grasp the idea where Clooney got his inspiration from. The house is located in Italy, which is technically a villa called the Villa Oleandra. Though George Clooney is said to be a bachelor, he does have a lot of visitors and female friends to hangout with in his private Villa, and yet the villa is so huge it can run a personal car factory for the most eligible bachelor in town.

1. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey Home

If there in one woman who created a silent revolution without provoking others, it must be Oprah Winfrey. Many consider her time in television as a golden era, and her departure a huge loss to the generation. That's how important this woman has become in modern culture. So no wonder she has an awe-inspiring house to support her legacy. Spreading over a monumental 23,000 square feet at santa Barbara, Caifornia, the house is a true epitome to her elegance and perfection in life. The House has over 6 bedroom and 14 fully furnished bathrooms. But what really makes her house stand out is that, it has its own man-made lake within its borders, making it one of the most eco-friendly house in the state.


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