Wednesday, 18 June 2014

5 Ways to Know If You Have Picked a Safe Neighborhood

When you are buying a home, you have to do all you can to ensure that your neighborhood is safe. After all, you are going to be living here for a long time. In order for the neighborhood to be considered safe, it needs to have low crime rates. This means there shouldn't be too many instances of robbery, theft, kidnapping, shootings, etc. Here are some methods you can use in order to determine how safe your neighborhood is.

Choose a Safe Neighborhood to Live
image by Photo Dean

1. Visit the neighborhood and talk to neighbors

You have probably visited the neighborhood a number of times, to check the house. You should visit a few more times, with the sole intention of checking out the place and talking to the neighbors. When you visit the house, it might be best for you to stay overnight, so you can check out how the place is during the night time. Keep a look out for any strayers. Check if there are any lights on even in the night, and if there are people around. This will determine how safe it will be for you to get back home late at night, or even go out for a post-dinner snack.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Top 10 Most Futuristic Buildings in the World

Have you ever looked at science fiction movies and wondered about all the futuristic designs? Futuristic technology portrayed in Hollywood movies leave us in awe and we wonder if such structures and designs might ever be real? But look around you, science and technology has advanced so much in the last decade that space travel is common, possible and dare I say, civilian space travel might be a very frequent thing in the future. Talking about technology, futuristic buildings and architecture has improved by leaps and bounds and we have seen some of the coolest and magnificent structure's pop up all over the world. They are visually arresting, ultra-modern, sleek and smooth; having an appearance of space age we usually see in comics and books and look almost as if they have burst out of a science fiction movie. A lot of these buildings have boosted the tourism industry of a country, for example, Dubai where towers and skyscrapers have increased in the last couple of years, making it a hotspot destination. These buildings show us what is in store for our future. There are literally hundreds of such futuristic buildings all over the world, but this is a selective list and I've put together a few of these cool structures.

10. Galaxy Soho Building, China

Galaxy Soho Building
Architect - Zaha Hadid

Designed by Iraqi British architect Zaha Hadid, this cool building was launched in 2012 in Beijing, China. It is a huge development spreading over 328,204 square meters consisting of office and retail space. Standing at a height of 60 meters, this compelling urban structure comprises of 12 office floors and 3 retail floors. The building consists of four domes connected with each other by sky bridges and platforms which have been made with aluminum, stone, glass and stainless steel. It has a fluidity of curves which has been inspired by nature. Considering China's ancient heritage, this building is a stark reminder of its ceaseless growth.

Friday, 24 January 2014

The 10 Best Hollywood Houses of All Time

The industry that entertains millions of people around the world has to stay top-notch with everything it displays, including the houses shown in movies. These houses, in many cases, not just complement the theme of the film but also capture viewers' attention more than the film's plot itself!

Here is a list of some of the most appreciated Hollywood homes ever. These homes never fail to remind us of the characters who resided in them. We hope you enjoy reading the list as much as we enjoyed compiling it for you!

1. Xanadu of Citizen Kane (1941)


The colossal dome of the classic movie Citizen Kane forms one of the best houses to have made an appearance in Hollywood movies. The name 'Xanadu' comes from Samue Taylor Colerdige's composition titles Kubla Khan, which opens with the lines "In Xanadu did Kubla Khan…" Just like the description in the poem, Xanadu was built to be a stately epicurean dome. Xanadu is also said to be the "costliest monument of a man to himself".

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

10 Most Scariest Ghost Sightings around the World

Ghosts are nowhere and everywhere too. We all have heard of those numerous ghost tales from our elders, most of them were fiction but yes there were some real ones also. No one has ever been able to prove their existence, yet they occupy a big part of our culture. There stories are very easily found on television and films; around bonfires and on the book shelves completing both fiction and nonfiction sections.

It is so interesting, how all of us suddenly have a spooky story to share when sitting with a bunch of friends or cousins at night. Horror tales have long been a topic of discussion during all those night outs and sleepovers and we generally have one or more of those people with us, who get goose bumps with a slightest sound at night, which makes this story telling a hell lot interesting.

Just like Casper - The friendly ghost and the ghosts of The Christmas Carol, there are many others who have marked a place in history but unlike the former, these are remembered to haunt people in real life and not on-screen.

So, dedicate few minutes of your time and get to know the 10 most popular ghost sightings around the world.

10. Greenbrier Ghost

Greenbrier Ghost

This name has particularly been given to the ghost of a young Virginian woman, Zona Shue, who was murdered in 1897 by her cruel and abusive husband, Erasmus Stribbling Trout Shue. Initially the reason behind Zona's death was considered to be everlasting faint or childbirth, but later when the case was reopened it was found that her husband only killed her. The amazing part of the story was how the events unfolded after her death. Zona's mother was the only person who suspected Erasmus to be the murderer and later she claimed to have been visited by Zona's ghost for about four nights where she revealed the secret of her death. She told her mother, how brutally Erasmus had abused her and broke her neck. Later, when the case was reopened and autopsy was done, Erasmus was arrested and this incident became a prominent one in American legal history for the testimony of a ghost was accepted as the prime evidence in a murder trial.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Top 10 Awesome Luxurious Celebrity Homes

We all have different perspectives on how we want our homes to be. Some of us want it to be neat and elegant, some other want their homes to look modern and compact, while others just want their home to be peaceful and organized. But, there is one particular kind of people, who just love their home to be as big and as grand as they can be. Can you guess who they are? That's right! It's no other than the Hollywood celebrities. With the money they make in a year, their homes can only be referred to as modern day palaces of the notabilities. Extending over the areas which can fit in Airfields and a number of football fields, theses celebrity homes have a complete functioning city in themselves. Filled with the most exotic decorations one could get his hands on, and serviced 24×7, it would be hard to find a person, who wouldn't want to live in such abodes. And with the added factor, that these celebrity homes are almost exclusively placed in some of the most exotic locations, they are the perfect blend of natural beauty and modern architecture. So let's us take a look at the top 10 best celebrity homes, which people would kill for to get their hands on.

10. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Home

This versatile actor earned a reputation for being one of the most naturally gifted thespians of the modern age. Known for his numerous roles, both on and off the silver screen, he also gained a quick reputation of a well-known celebrity, and getting married to Angelina Jolie was just the cherry topping for his icing of a life. So one can easily imagine the abode he resides in. But make no guesses because it's the tenth largest home in the USA and also on our list as well. Designed by the enthusiastic actor himself, the Home boasts a separate courtyard and a guest house standing two stories tall.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Best Cities in America to Celebrate a Mesmerizing New Year’s Eve

Vacation time for the entire family and soaring party spirits all around - New Year's Eve is the best time to travel to a lovely destination and celebrate. Some American cities host remarkable New Year events, carnivals and firework displays, which make them completely worth a visit. We give you a list of best 10 cities that you can travel to this New Year's Eve.

1. New York City

New Years Eve in New York City
IMAGE CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons

Step into a rapturous new year with spellbinding celebrations at Times Square in New York City. In this place, at this time, everybody gets to feel special!

The highlight of the celebration in Times Square is the New Year's Eve Ball drop, the tradition of which began in 1907. A 12-feet high sparkling ball descent for 60 seconds from a specially designed flag pole and its rest marks the commencement of the New Year. Confetti sprinkling occurs on all the thousands of folks present there, mesmerizing firework displays, and live musical performances of the best artists from around the earth marks the event, making it one of the best New Year's Eve celebrations in the world that one can witness.